We can save water in many different ways, but to understand how these ways help save our environment, we must understand that all things can be linked together. For example, by planting trees, we can reduce the amount of soil that enters and pollutes our waterways. You can start saving water by:

  Using buckets instead of a hose when watering the garden

  Taking a shower instead of a bath, but using water saving shower heads would be even better.

  Installing half-flush toilets.

  Fixing leaky taps

  Placing an object such as a brick in the toilet or adjust the arm on the toilet.

  Planting native Australian plants

  Resuing greywater (that"s what we call the water from the laundry, etc.

  These are only some of the endless ways that we can help our environment.








  As we all know, with the rapid development of population, people need less and less water resources.

  At present, China is already one of the few water scarce countries in the world, but there"s still a lot of water wasting around us. For example, in the bathroom, the water cage is often open, the students after washing hands are not forgotten to shut the water cage, is the water cage closed, causing a lot of water white flow out. I want to know how much green water can be irrigated by these wasted tap water. How many deserts can make oasis?

  Today, the school has carried out activities to save water, so that we know that without water, there will be no life. Groundwater is limited, and it is not inexhaustible. So the students have taken action, especially when drinking pure water, the students do not waste, they used to pour the bottle full and sprinkled the place when they poured water. Since the water saving activities were carried out, the students drank a lot and no longer saw the waste of water. Our class needed three barrels of pure water a week, and now we have two barrels per week.

  Many of us have come up with lots of ways to save water. For example: washing rice water can wash vegetables, fish water can be watered, washing water can wash toilets, scrub floors, we also suggest the principal room to the school toilet every five minutes automatically rinse the toilet water tank into a hand type water tank... We not only put these ideas into practical action, but also drove everyone around us. Imagine that if every one of us saves a glass of water a day, the water saved by the people of the world can converge into a running river every day... It will make our living environment more beautiful. "Don"t let the last drop of water on earth become human tears!" This is not alarmist, saving is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Let"s act quickly and carry forward this virtue.


  Water is the source of human life. If there is no water, people will not survive, everything will not grow, and the world will not be so colorful. Therefore, we should cherish water, protect water and save water.

  Save water, everybody ", this sentence is always hanging in my mother"s mouth. Whenever I waste water resources, my mother will come up with me and talk about how to use water. "Look, you see, how can such a clean water fall away? The water can also wash feet, wash cloth and wash mops. What a pity that the water has been given to the waves! You think, if these water is to those who are lack of water, do you know how they will cherish the water? Think again, if there is no water, everything will be extinct, mankind will die, and the world will become chaotic. We have been talking about the reason why water is used all the time. If anyone comes to my house, this comrade must be unlucky. Because mother will treat this comrade like a little brother who is not sensible, and guarantee to listen to my mother"s nagging words: when you take a bath, get wet from head to foot as much as possible, apply a shower body and wash out the last time. Don"t wash your hair alone, wash your body, wash your body and feet. Never wash your clothes, pants, skirts, or bathes. If it is to take a bath shower, seize the time, do not wash or whileplaying carefree and content. Remember, time is water, children. Always tell you that you can abide by these principles.

  Don"t look at my mother kept nagging, but he also helped a lot of people! For example: the aunt of the neighbourhood just wanted to pour out the water of the laundry, but he heard the cry of the mother"s wolf, and the aunt stopped his hand. But my mother was there and said, "Oh, dear! Do not drop the water. This water can also wash the mops and rag. Otherwise, you wash the mop and let it go again. What a waste! The neighbor"s aunt thought, right! This can also be used to save water.

  So I collected some words about saving water.

  Save water, is everyone"s responsibility.

  Please cherish every drop of water.

  To save water is to cherish life.

  It is our responsibility to save water resources.

  Please cherish and cherish the source of every drop of life.

  Save water, is everyone"s responsibility. Only when we all pay attention to water saving, can the water shortage be far away from us, and life will be stable and harmonious, and the environment will be beautiful and comfortable. After understanding these principles, our pupils should not only obey their own duties, but also do propaganda work, tell friends and relatives, and let everyone save water. So we must cherish the water!

  Don"t forget!


  Water is the source of all life. It is because of the water that we have the blue and beautiful planet that makes human beings, animals and plants survive.

  If there is no water, what will it be? On the earth, there will be no life and death like Mars and Saturn. Then there will be no human being. Trees, flowers and so on will no longer exist. The flowers will bloom after watering, and the green leaves will be beautiful after moistening. If there is no water, will the flowers bloom? The stream will sing? Can a bird fly? The tree with luxuriant foliage will? The answer is self-evident.

  Water resources are limited. The fresh water resources on the land are very small. Although the surface of the earth is covered by seventy percent water, most of it is sea water, and the sea water is salty water and can not be used directly. The fresh water resources only account for two point five three percent of the total amount of water on the earth, of which nearly seventy percent are solid glaciers, which are distributed in the two polar regions and in the middle of the world. Mountain glaciers in low latitudes are hard to make use of. At present, the freshwater resources are easy to use, mainly river water, freshwater lake water, and shallow groundwater, accounting for about zero point three percent of the total fresh water reserves in the world, accounting for only 7/100000 of the total amount of water in the world.

  In daily life, water is always wasted. Washing dishes should be washed in a basin. If you drive with a faucet, you will need 50 kilograms of water for a meal. A washing machine wash bucket, if two separate washing, water consumption is 120 kg. Washing rice and washing with water can not only save water, but also effectively remove pesticide residues on vegetables. Wash water and wash tows, broom floor, and then wash the toilet. Second washing clothes washing and wiping windows and furniture, washing and footwear. Rinse toilets after urination and urination, try not to wash large water pipes, and make full use of used dirty water. If we turn off the tap and wipe the soap, we can save 60 kilograms after a bath. In summer, spray and cool the water indoors and outside, try not to use clean water, and use laundry water after washing. When bicycles or family cars are cleaned, they do not need to rush to the water, they should be replaced with wet cloth and dirty. They should also be washed with the remaining water after washing. Family watering flowers, we should use rice water, tea, laundry water and so on. Wash household towel, small objects, melon and fruits for a small amount of water. Pot filled with water instead of tap water flushing.

  If everyone does not have the consciousness of water saving, if the water is really expensive, there will be countless people dying of thirst. The last drop of water on the earth will be the tears of repentance.

  Cherish the water resources and protect the water environment. The sewage treatment system should strengthen the monitoring of water environment, strengthen the awareness of law and manage the water resources and water environment according to law.

  Water saving, profit in the contemporary, work in the thousands of years. So, I urge you to save water and start saving water, cherish water resources and protect water resources from now on. From me, from the side of a little bit!














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